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PRISM announces The Elephant We Can't See™ Workshop for Strengthening Teams and Building Inclusion

PRISM Press Release, June 8, 2015
For Additional Information Contact: Noemi Rivera at 888.997.7476

PRISM International, Inc. announces The Elephant We Can't See™ - a new workshop designed to strengthen teams and build inclusion by using storytelling followed by interactive, engaging, skill building training to help begin a dialogue about any difference that makes a difference in the workplace.

Elephant…What Elephant? Here in our organization?! So, what is the Elephant we can’t see? What is getting in the way of seeing clearly? What can we do to rewire and override our line of sight to make the Hidden Unhidden?

The Elephant We Can't See™ workshop was created by PRISM International, Inc to be the catalyst for expanded perspectives, diversity of thought and innovation by building bridges of understanding, trust and respect. By tackling the “elephant" and confronting the unconscious biases, micro-inequities, and cultural misunderstandings we all carry, we can get better results with a more cohesive team.

Author/Actor Michael Fosberg whose story is told through his one man play about a difference that made a difference creates the foundation for workshop conversation. With the assistance of additional facilitators, each workshop participant then has the opportunity to think about their own stories...what helped to create them, how to share them and how to listen to, value and leverage other experiences for individual, team and organizational success.

In The Elephant We Can't See™ workshop, attendees find common ground and remove judgments that can hinder or even derail trust, relationships, engagement, leadership and performance. And in doing so, participants...

  • Learn to share the story of their experiences
  • Gain skills and techniques to understand the experiences and perspectives of others
  • Build team cohesion, momentum and respect for results

For more information about the PRISM's new The Elephant We Can't See™ workshop contact PRISM.

About PRISM International, Inc
PRISM is a WBENC-certified, full-service provider of innovative, proven diversity and inclusion and cultural competency consulting services, training programs and resources designed to help organizations reach higher levels of employee effectiveness and performance and to provide more exceptional service and care.

PRISM is the parent organization of the Association of ERGs & Councils, the ERG & Council Conference and the ERG & Council Honors Award.

Learn more by visiting PRISM.


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