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Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures™

Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures & Languages™ is a specially designed multicultural training program that builds on existing customer service and/or diversity and inclusion programs. It provides a comprehensive approach to increasing cultural competency knowledge, confidence and skills.

Each aspect of the program is tied to the business and demographic realities and includes tools, practice and application assignments. By combining culture, language, customer service or care giving, this critical "next step" training enables frontline service and healthcare providers and their supervisors to give exceptional care to each customer, patient or family member - the ones who speak their language and share similar customs and expectations - and those who don't.

Benefits of the Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures & Languages™ Program:

  • Increases understanding of barriers, feelings and questions when doing business in an unfamiliar culture and language
  • Answers tough questions and addresses specific customer and patient situations
  • Increases skills, confidence and results for communicating effectively, accurately and respectfully and providing care in culturally competent ways


White Paper: MultiCultural Customer Service: Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures

PRISM's President & CEO Linda Stokes discusses the concept of cultural programming and traps, cultural translators and the 5 Step Service Response Cycle and how that impacts our ability to service customers across cultural and languages differences. Download the White Paper


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What our clients say...

"The Providing Customer Service Across Cultures and Languages program supported achievement of our goal to provide exceptional customer service. The program enhanced our awareness and provided skills to better meet and exceed our customer expectations."

WE Energies

"Providing Customer Service Across Cultures and Languages was instrumental in providing us with the awareness and skills to better serve our many customers who are from another culture and who speak a different language than that of their care giver."

Florida Hospital

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