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ERG & Diversity Council Training

All ERGs and Diversity Councils need training but that training varies depending on the stage of the group's development and strategic requirements. The Association of ERGs & Councils, a practice group of PRISM, provides multiple training options.

ERG 10 Point Assessment

ERG Leadership Academy

The ERG 10 Point Assessment™ enables ERGs to assess their performance against a standard of 10 factors in which best practice ERGs are performing well. More specifically, this unique assessment tool provides a comprehensive analysis utilizing 70 indicators of effectiveness within a 10 point framework.

ERG ReFocus

ERG ReFocus

Overtime all ERGs need to sharpen and refocus their efforts to increase membership vitality and stay relevant to changing business needs. On occasion ERGs can even lose their momentum and begin to experience slippage or even fall into periods of dormancy. These stages of an ERG's Life Cycle impacts the organization, the D&I process and the ERG's members in significant ways. The ERG ReFocus™ is a one day intensive workshop will strengthen your ERG's impact for increased levels of effectiveness, performance and contribution.

ERG Leadership Academy

ERG Leadership Academy

The ERG Leadership Academy™ assists ERG leaders in ensuring their teams are focused on activities and goals that lead to the achievement of business and organizational results. ERG leaders leave with a solid foundation for moving forward by applying their newly acquired knowledge, skills and tools to their business situations through Action Planning and Goal Setting to ensure early wins and successes.

Diversity Council 10 Point Checkup

Diversity Council JumpstartThe Diversity Council 10 Point Checkup™ is an exclusive survey tool designed by our diversity and measurement experts to evaluate Diversity Councils on 10 critical focus areas. Results are shared with group members during a live private webinar or an onsite action planning session where members can ask questions and get immediate feedback. While the results point out strengths and weaknesses, tips and techniques for improvement are also provided.

Diversity Council JumpStart

Diversity Council JumpstartFor Diversity Councils just starting or restructuring, the JumpStart™ experience centers around 5 critical success factors. The tools provided prepare councils and council members to create and lead a successful diversity process within their organization. This program saves councils time and resources by helping them to avoid common start-up traps.

Diversity Council Boot Camp

Diversity Council Boot CampFor Diversity Cuncils that have reached a plateau or are experiencing performance slippage, the Boot Camp™ experience helps them identify barriers to peak performance and then works them through a process of developing gap closing strategies. Tools, skills and best practices are provided to build groups into high performance teams.

Unconscious Bias Training

PRISM's Unconscious Bias Training is a targeted, interactive, high energy 4 hour training program designed for care givers, customer service providers, sales reps, managers, executives and individual contributors. Bascially, everyone, at every level, every team, every organization and every patient or customer will benefit! For more information visit PRISM Unconscious Bias Training

Can We Talk™ Series

PRISM's Can We Talk™ Series is our special series of conversations that provide opportunities to tell our stories around various dimensions of diversity with the purpose of providing opportunities to strengthen teams and build inclusion.! For more information visit Can We Talk™ Series.

Ongoing Training

Association of ERGa & CouncilsPRISM has assisted so many ERGs and Diversity Councils in training and development that it created a special practice group withthin the company - the Association of ERGs & Councils. The Association is a member-based network of diversity and inclusion professionals dedicated to increasing the impact, effectiveness and recognition of ERGs and Diversity Councils as an essential partner in developing; implementing and maintaining a strategic diversity focus within the organization.


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