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Inclusive Recruiting and Selection™

Workforce representation is a company's visible commitment barometer. For best practice organizations, increasing representation of women and people of color is a top priority receiving high levels of attention from CEOs, Boards, Executive Committees, your competition and your prospective employees.

Ensuring the organization has a broad mix of top talent is a critical issue for brand and business sustainability. Recruiting productive, innovative, quality minded, multigenerational, multicultural and diverse employees is far more complex than ever before. In order to be successful, recruiters need additional knowledge, confidence, tools and skills in order to meet the diversity needs of the organization.

Inclusive Recruiting and Selection™ is a specially designed one day training program for Recruiters and Hiring Managers that helps them in developing and incorporating key diversity recruiting skills into actual job responsibilities. This program makes their existing behavioral interviewing, selection, and recruiting processes more effective in generating a larger more diverse pool of qualified candidates to help achieve diversity goals.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers can now be full participants in the organization's diversity and inclusion process and better meet business objectives by:

  • Gaining a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion and understand why it is a crucial success factor
  • Recognizing the impact of attitudes and behaviors and understand how they impact recruitment and your success
  • Learning and practicing skills for sourcing, recruiting and selecting top talent
  • Sharpening skills to inform, inspire and involve others in the diversity and inclusion process

Tools and job aids are provided to drive immediate implementation of acquired skills.

Practical, tactical Action Plans enable recruiters and hiring managers to identify and close important recruiting and selection knowledge, skill and process gaps in their own areas of responsibility.

Inclusive Recruiting and Selection™ Benefits

  • Increases recruiters' and hiring managers' skills to meet rapidly changing market conditions, reduce turnover, increase productivity, and improve image, reputation and brand
  • Strengthens advocacy competence and confidence for addressing issues
  • Builds trust with all team members
  • Sharpens skills to inform, inspire and initiate conversations to involve all team members in the inclusion process
  • Fosters work team innovation by advancing, refining and implementing creative ideas


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Consider this...

32 percent of the CEOs report that up to 50 percent of their NEW employees haven't been meeting expectations over the past two years.

36 percent of CEOs lack confidence in their own company's hiring systems, rating them below average.

2007 Management Action Programs Quarterly CEO Survey