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Charting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion
Knowledge Map™

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PRISM's Charting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Map™ experience, is a dynamic session that enables participants to explore and discover many of the issues surrounding diversity in a non-threatening, almost self-directed way.

The Charting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Map™ is a combination of both PRISM's On Board with Diversity Knowledge MapTM and the All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge MapTM. This Map can be positioned  from one of three ways: 1. from an organizational/business perspective; 2, from a team or individual perspective; or 3, both 1 and 2.

How the Charting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Map™ works:

A colorful 3' x 6' visual engages participants immediately in a fun experience, yet it is also a powerful way to create a common mental model that all participants share and explore.  A Script and a Coach guide the session and challenge participants to start making conclusions about what the marketplace and workplace data and information explored in the Map means to them and their organization. All learning through the Map process is generated from an exploration of data and participant perspectives. Unlike presentations or typical learning initiatives, the Map process is extremely interactive and encourages participants to explore key issues regarding diversity and inclusion with their peers.

Typically, the session accommodates  8 to 10 participants around one Map visual. The group going through the process can be expanded to 20 or more participants by using 2 or more maps with 10 participants around each map.

Employees who experience the Charting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Map™:

  • Gain a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion and why they have emerged as critical business issues.
  • Understand how strategically leveraging diversity enables our organization to be more productive, innovative, and profitable and deliver better quality to meet our strategic priorities.
  • Explore how workplace diversity and inclusion impacts individuals, teams, organizations and customers.
  • Discuss what it takes to create an inclusive workplace where all contributions are appreciated

PRISM's Charting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Map™ is a cost effective and easy way to provide quality, accelerated diversity and inclusion learning to your employees.


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Knowledge Maps are created in collaboration with Applied Learning Labs.

What our clients say...

"PRISM's "Charting Your Course Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge Map™" has met and exceeded our expectations. The materials are unique and engaging, and the subject matter is presented in such a way that potentially sensitive topics can be discussed in a non-threatening manner. The ability to customize the map and specific situations to our Company added credibility and applicability to the overall course."

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