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Diversity Xpress™

PRISM's Diversity Xpress increases diversity and inclusion competencies in addressing essential organizational and business topics and for working productively and respectfully with employees, team members and customers.

More specifically, it keeps the team talking about Diversity and Inclusion and how it applies to the work they perform every day.

Through 12 carefully constructed, business-related, interactive, bite-sized, 10-20 minute discussions, managers and supervisors can utilize these learning topics during their staff or team building meetings. Each topic makes for an engaging, job-relevant conversation that builds a foundation for diversity and inclusion competence.

They can also serve as a measure for evaluating a manager's degree of involvement in and commitment to creating a workplace where respectful and productive relationships are expected and encouraged to meet business goals.

Xpress Series Benefits

  • Catches and keeps the attention of employees
  • Turns diversity and inclusion from a "program" into a "process" by keeping the conversation and application alive
  • Easy for leaders to use
  • Can be incorporated into meetings anytime, anywhere with any size group
  • Drives diversity and inclusion throughout the organization
  • Drives team decisions, changed behavior, coaching and mentoring
  • Extends the reach of the diversity and inclusion officer
  • Makes diversity and inclusion real because it applies to each job in each business area
  • Builds diversity and inclusion capability across the organization
  • Reduces training and travel costs

click to see larger viewDiversity Xpress Topics

  • What is Diversity?
  • Getting Comfortable with Change
  • What are We Missing?
  • Serving Customers from Other Cultures
  • Guidelines for High Performing Teams
  • Working Across Language Differences
  • Diversity as a Business Strategy
  • Gaining New Skills for Success
  • The Impact of Stereotypes
  • How Do I Respond When...?
  • Using the Pause Button
  • The Impact of Words


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What our clients say...

"The Diversity Xpress™ topics are engaging our managers in moving diversity beyond awareness. They are having the conversations and are comfortable using the Xpress Series in staff meetings -- which means around our organization we are having D&I conversations on a daily basis as a regular part of doing business. We believe that we are elevating our business and improving our culture."

JP Morgan Chase

Xpress Series Features
  • Bite-sized diversity and cross cultural conversations applied to real time, day-to-day business situations
  • Complete "meeting-in-a-box" format with scripted dialog for discussion leaders
  • Engaging exercises, dialog and applications that drive learning points and bring about changed behavior
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