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PRISM is your total Inclusion and Diversity Training Partner

Diversity and Inclusion Increases Customer Satisfaction, Market Share & Competitive Positioning

One important business relevant result is increasing customer satisfaction, market share and competitive positioning (at home and globally). U.S. demographics are shifting and global markets have flattened. Awareness and skills received through diversity training helps employees and team members relate to customers who are different from them and provide sales and service that best fits their individual needs and expectations. PRISM's diversity training assists in increasing cultural competencies. Visit Increasing Cultural Competencies or Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion Training Increases Workplace Productivity & Innovation

Organizations are looking to increase operational efficiencies, employee morale and motivation. Organizations utilizing the awareness and skills provided by diversity training and inclusion training create a workplace where all employees' talents and ideas are considered. As a result, organizations have higher employee retention rates; improved individual and team performance and morale; improved workplace staffing (diversity recruitment); and, increased innovation. Bringing together people from diverse backgrounds with a variety of experiences produces more actionable ideas. Diverse team members help tap creativity and energy and help respond faster to our customers’ changing needs. Implementing a diversity and inclusion process can help an organization discover new ways to approach their markets, their processes and their business model. For more information, visit diversity and inclusion training.

D&I Reduces Legal Exposure, Costs and Adverse Publicity

Organizations having implemented a comprehensive diversity and inclusion process that includes diversity training accompanied by business policy that supports zero tolerance for harassment are in a stronger position to prevent harassing and discriminatory behaviors BEFORE they occur. Additionally, organizations that show a stronger case for diversity and inclusion can help protect themselves from regulatory actions, expensive lawsuits and negative and embarrassing publicity. Organizations without comprehensive diversity and inclusion harassment prevention policies are in a more precarious situation when faced with a harassment or discrimination lawsuit. PRISM can provide consulting and training that will reduce and minimize exposure to discrimination or harassment challenges.

Bottom line – Inclusion and Diversity Training are only two parts of a comprehensive D&I organizational strategy.

PRISM offers a comprehensive and proven diversity and inclusion process. It makes organizations stronger and a better place to work. It enables organizations to better serve diverse customers' needs and provide outstanding service to all their customers and communities. It makes it possible to deliver more value to stockholders. It provides an organization with a significant strategic competitive advantage over those competitors who have not invested in a Diversity and Inclusion process.

For assistance with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Diversity Council groups, visit the Association of ERGs & Councils, a practice group of PRISM International, Inc.

What our clients say...

"Cox Media Group wants employees to be themselves and make us better by bringing unique ideas, solutions, backgrounds and experiences to the table. Through their consulting work and training, PRISM has helped us chart a course to tap into these invaluable employee resources that will enable us to remain competitive, offer our customers the best products and services in our markets and transform CMG into a new digital media company!"

Cox Media Group

"Our partnership with PRISM has helped TIAA-CREF educate our senior leadership and employees about the importance of diversity and inclusion and how we can leverage it to support our business goals and objectives. The staff is responsive and the trainers are professional and knowledgeable about diversity and inclusion. We are glad to have PRISM as our training partner!"


"We firmly believe that diversity is a journey, and we are pleased that we selected PRISM as our partner in this very important initiative."

Siemens Energy

"We partnered with PRISM to take our organization to the next level. It was a great decision. The PRISM team is extremely professional and we look forward to using their services again as we strive to increase workforce, workplace and marketplace performance."

Deutsche Financial Services

"I have found the PRISM team to bring a tremendous value through partnership that is built on trust and integrity when I need them. What I really value about PRISM is their professionalism coupled with seamless customer service and a great deal of flexibility to make working with them a very pleasant and rewarding experience!"

New York Life Insurance