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Can We Talk? The Series:™

Race, culture, age, heritage, experience, background, ethnicity and personal history all affect the way in which we interact with one another and conduct business. Leveraging them for individual success and team results can mean the difference between average or extraordinary and surviving or thriving.

The Can We Talk? The Series:™ is our new special series of workshop conversations that creates opportunities for telling our stories around various diversity dimensions for the purpose of strengthening teams and building inclusion.

Each workshop topic is uniquely designed and expertly facilitated to create a safe environment that inspires engaging conversations. Every workshop is designed to increase participants' understanding while expanding their perspectives. Participants examine their own thoughts, behaviors, experiences and reactions - all with the purpose of creating greater teamwork and leveraging all the dimensions of each employee for producing better results.

The Elephant We Can't See™

Elephant…What Elephant? Here in our organization?! So, what is the Elephant we can’t see? What is getting in the way of seeing clearly? What can we do to rewire and override our line of sight to make the Hidden Unhidden?

By thoughtfully committing to expanding our frames of reference and managing our initial and natural filters, we can leverage the differences on our teams and in our organizations to meet workforce and marketplace challenges for innovative results! Otherwise our differences can lead us to judgments and conflict.

The Elephant We Can't See™ is one of the conversations that uses storytelling followed by interactive, engaging, skill building training to help begin a dialogue about any difference that makes a difference in your workplace.

This workshop will be the catalyst for expanded perspectives, diversity of thought and innovation by building bridges of understanding, trust and respect. By tackling the “elephant" and confronting the unconscious biases, micro-inequities, and cultural misunderstandings we all carry, we can get better results with a more cohesive team.

Author/Actor Michael Fosberg whose story is told through his one man play about a difference that made a difference creates the foundation for workshop conversation. With the assistance of additional facilitators, each workshop participant then has the opportunity to think about their own stories...what helped to create them, how to share them and how to listen to, value and leverage other experiences for individual, team and organizational success.

In The Elephant We Can't See™, workshop attendees find common ground and remove judgments that can hinder or even derail trust, relationships, engagement, leadership and performance. And in doing so, participants...

  • Learn to share the story of their experiences
  • Gain skills and techniques to understand the experiences and perspectives of others
  • Build team cohesion, momentum and respect for results


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"The Elephant is in the hey, let's talk!"

- Workshop Facilitator

"This Workshop allows for candid conversations about the Elephant in a safe environment."

- Workshop Facilitator

"How we get to know each other and build bridges of understanding, trust and respect will often determine the level of success we can achieve."

- Workshop Facilitator

"This Workshop creates an environment where people can really talk about the Elephant in an honest and open way and have a chance to explore other people's perceptions, thoughts and realities based on their own dimensions of diversity."

- Workshop Facilitator

  • The Elephant We Can't See™

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  • Generations
  • Gender
  • Differing Abilities
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Veterans