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Diversity Council Boot Camp™

Diversity Council Boot CampEquip. Empower. Engage.

Diversity Council Boot Camp™ is a 2-day intensive diversity council training workshop designed to strengthen the impact, influence and effectiveness of councils. These dynamic sessions are:

  • Hard-Hitting
  • To the Point
  • Experiential
  • Motivational

Participants are both “called out” and “built up” as they develop tactical skills and uncover barriers to success by engaging in purposeful maneuvers. Throughout the workshop they identify and close critical knowledge and skill gaps. With on-going Application and Action Planning participants develop concrete action steps to achieve consistent wins; successfully navigate company politics; and demonstrate contributions to the bottom line.

The goal of Diversity Council Boot Camp™ is to equip council members to leverage passion, knowledge and skills to achieve business results.

The objectives of Diversity Council Boot Camp™ are to:

  • build group cohesion to create breakthrough change
  • sharpen skills to build new momentum and sustain success
  • operationalize the diversity process

Workshop Preparation

Prior to the workshop facilitators conduct a phone meeting with key decision makers to gain clarity of critical stakeholders within the organization; and to define specific deliverables for the day(s). This meeting will be instrumental to ensuring that learning modules effectively reflect the organization’s business culture and are designed to achieve desired results.

Diversity Council TrainingAssociation of ERGs & Councils Membership

ERGs and Diversity Councils benefit from additional resources beyond those provided during start-up consultation and kick-off meetings. Members receive continued education through access to educational tools, resources, networking opportunities, webinars and teleconferences.



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What our clients say...

“This session was more than we had expected or hoped for. It helped set a strong foundation and jumpstart us in the right direction as a new council. Additionally, the guidance from the consultants prior to the session was valuable in helping us set the membership, charter and structure of our council. I would highly recommend it to other council groups”

Siemens Corp. U.S.

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