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Strategic Planning

The PRISM Process - A Comprehensive Approach to Diversity & InclusionStrategic Planning establishes a plan to close the gap between an Organization's current status and its strategic goals.

This component includes building an infrastructure to support activities such as Steering Committees or Diversity Task Force, Defining and Clarifying the Diversity Manager's Role, Communication Plans, etc. PRISM works with organizations by creating diversity strategic plans, developing and mobilizing diversity councils and benchmarking.

Strategic Planning Objectives:

  • Who, What, Where, Why
  • Timetable
  • Investment (financial and resources)
  • Communications (inform and motivate)

Strategic Planning Solutions:

In the media: Piecemeal Diversity: Avoiding the Trap


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The PRISM Process
What our clients say...

"Our partnership with PRISM has helped TIAA-CREF educate our senior leadership and employees about the importance of diversity and inclusion and how we can leverage it to support our business goals and objectives. We are glad to have PRISM as our training partner!"


"PRISM brought focus and alignment to our diversity process."

Siemens Business Services

"PRISM is a firm that works hard to actively listen to the needs of their customers. They realize that every organization approaches their diversity/inclusion efforts in a way that makes good sense for them. PRISM seeks to understand organizational goals and objectives, culture, business/industry opportunities and challenges, and strategic priorities. This allows them to offer solutions that fit the unique environment and overall needs of each organization. They have the consulting expertise and integrity that makes them an excellent business partner."

Fluor Corporation