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Gender Olympics

Working together to leverage styles, approaches, and perspectives is critical to achieving business results in our workplace and marketplace. Learn how to abandon the battle of the sexes, focus on a cohesive team-based approach and capture the energy of differences and similarities in order to channel the power of working together for both individual and organizational results. Through a series of fun, high energy “olympic-like” experiences your employees will learn skills that foster a cooperative, supportive, and mutually satisfying workplace.

The Approach:

  • Short bursts of learning
  • Interactive & High energy
  • Relevant & Fun
  • Respectful & Inclusive
  • Skill Building

The Outcomes:

  • Recognize differing communication styles and their impact on the team and with customers
  • Discover the challenges and barriers of men and women in the workplace
  • Explore the power of the unconscious mind and its impact on behavior (based on the best selling book by Malcolm Gladwell)
  • Manage personal perceptual filters in order to build more productive relationships with customers and coworkers (both male and female)
  • Build partnerships and congruence between both genders in the workplace
  • Build skills for leveraging gender similarities and differences
  • Create a charter to support and improve the partnership


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