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Talent Management

The ability to develop the talent of your organization is critical to employee engagement and business performance.

67% of organizations find it difficult to identify, develop, engage and retain their talented employees. In fact, many organizations deploy no talent management strategy at all. This is often due to insufficient time, money and expertise to internally and proactively manage this emerging priority. Most organizations actively spend thousands on carefully seeking out and identifying top talent but do nothing to continue developing that same important talent resource.

  • Poor succession planning wipes an estimated $8.4 billion from the stock market value of the top Fortune 1000 companies every year
  • Management retention is identified as a negligent error issue by nearly every independent business analysis; the cost of recruiting a middle manager alone is between 33% and 65% of their annual salary
  • Despite the challenging economy, employees are among the most likely to consider leaving their job during the next 12 months, with 53% of employees specifically stating in exit interviews that they are leaving to fulfill their career development needs elsewhere
  • Changing workforce demographics means that leadership and management skills, which are often developed as talent moves up through the lower levels in a company, are in devastatingly short supply

We offer many talent management consulting services as well as:

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What our clients say...

"During both our Women's Leadership and Multicultural Leadership Forums, PRISM's senior facilitators brought relevant messages delivered at the right energy level to engage, motivate and educate attendees. Their subject matter knowledge and flexibility supported our event managers' objectives. We think the forum attendees left with knowledge and skills they can use to continue to develop their careers with us."

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"PRISM's Inclusive Recruiting and Selection™ program, was the best training I have ever had in my three years at OTS. I learned more about myself and some of the decision I make on an unconscious level. It helped me with my social skills and being flexible."

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