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In Sales, Relationships Matter and Results Count!™

Building relationships across various dimensions of diversity including cultures and languages is a sales and leadership competency that brings results! This session is highly interactive, thought provoking, applicable and fun and will provide guidance in how to Sell to and Build Relationship with our Customers and Colleagues from a multicultural perspective.

During this session. participants will:

  • Gain awareness of the importance of looking at the multi-dimensional aspects of a customer beyond his/her role of CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.
  • Identify cultural gaps that derail or enhance relationship building and sales efforts
  • Explore the power of the unconscious mind and its impact on behavior, different beliefs, values and behaviors (based on the best selling book by Malcolm Gladwell).

Apenda Topics:

  • Setting the Foundation/Goals & Objectives
  • The Tournament Activity Card Game
  • The Cultural Continuum Tool
  • Respectful & Inclusive
  • Scenarios to Test Your Knowledge


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What Our Clients Say...

"We truly enjoyed the workshop and received many comments from our staff afterwards how fun and helpful it was. You took an uncomfortable' topic and made people feel at ease expressing their thoughts and beliefs. We look forward to putting the new skills and knowledge into practice as we build stronger relationships with ourselves and customers - thank you for a great day!"

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