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Creating and Maintaining a Harassment Free Workplace™

Creating and Maintaining a Harassment Free Workplace™ is a specially designed training program that provides managers and employees with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to effectively recognize, stop and prevent sexual as well as all forms of harassing behaviors. It supports organizations that are committed to preventing sexual harassment by providing a comprehensive approach to behavior change using program modules tied to business realities, skill building practice and take-away tools.

Stopping Sexual Harassment

Creating and Maintaining a Harassment-Free Workplace™ facilitator-led is a 4-hour facilitator-led training program that is relevant, impactful and decision shaping – and bottom line enhancing for every level in your organization. We keep it real by using timely, relevant topics facing today’s workforce…the political scene, social trends, economic issues and all things impacting and influencing us in the 24-7 news cycle.

Goal: To provide awareness, skills and strategies to effectively identify, prevent and stop harassment.

At the conclusion of this workshop, you will achieve these objectives:

  1. Understand the definition of harassment and know how to identify associated behaviors.
  2. Define “respect” and identify associated behaviors.
  3. Articulate why creating and maintaining a harassment-free workplace is a critical business issue.
  4. Understand and know how to apply your organization’s non-harassment policy.
  5. Know and be able to demonstrate skills for effectively identifying, preventing and stopping harassing situations and conduct.
  6. Know how to respond to harassment issues and process complaints.
  7. Know how to manage the post-complaint workplace.


Creating and Maintaining a Harassment Free Workplace™ Program Benefits:

  • Increases ability to assess harassment behaviors and situations
  • Supports the organizational systems and policies
  • Builds skills for receiving complaints and for participating in the investigative process
  • Teaches how to recognize the impact of harassment and how to implement a process for change
  • Increases ability to understand and communicate concerns and boundaries


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What our clients say...

"I wish I had found you one-and-a-half years ago before sending our employees through lawyer-led death by PowerPoints! "


Fortune 500 Energy & Utility Coporation

"I want to acknowledge the contributions that the PRISM facilitators and the PRISM support team are making to our EEO/Sexual Harassment training initiative. Our course evaluations tell us that your facilitators are doing an excellent job conveying the course's messages. Your firm's customer focused approach has added to the success of this huge project and made my life easier! Thanks."


"PRISM's Creating and Maintaining a Harassment Free Workplace™ program clearly sets a new standard for non-harassment training."


"Harris would like to extend its appreciation and recommendation for a job well done in the design and development of our sexual harassment prevention workshop."

Harris Corporation

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