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Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Engagement and Innovation™

People managers are the critical link in leveraging all talent to meet organizational goals. They must build trust and provide development opportunities and coaching across all dimensions of diversity. In order to be successful, managers must be equipped with knowledge, skills and tools to maximize employee engagement and innovation.

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Engagement and Innovation™ is an interactive, next step, 1-day practical training program designed to provide a comprehensive, action-orientated diversity and inclusion skill set for managers.

Managers can now be full participants in the organization's diversity and inclusion process and better meet business objectives by:

  • Fully understanding the diversity and inclusion process and the importance of leveraging diversity
  • Attracting, engaging, developing and retaining talent
  • Championing the diversity process within their teams
  • Creating a workplace that is invigorating, innovative, engaging and where people are excelling
  • Leveraging the diverse talents, skills and perspectives for innovation

Tools and job aids are provided to drive immediate implementation of the acquired skills.

Practical, tactical Action Plans enable managers to identify and close important diversity and inclusion gaps in their own areas of responsibility.

“ The JPS strategic and evidence based approach for the diversity change process includes assessing the organization’s current state and identifying strategic directions to advance diversity and inclusion in our organization.  In a similar fashion, the Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Engagement Course utilizes instruments that allow the participants to assess their current knowledge and skills and provides a roadmap for enhancing their diversity leadership competencies.”

- Nydia A. Gonzalez, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, JPS Health Network

"Leveraging Diversity for Engagement and Innovation™ is a training program that is right on target with the needs of today’s business and business leaders. By providing core, yet customizable content, I am able to leverage this new training program to ensure that it is meaningful, applicable and impactful. What was important for me was a program that provided a concise, yet comprehensive and integrated approach to Diversity and Inclusion. In other words, I wanted something that raised awareness about the implications of a diverse workforce and marketplace, and what it means—in actionable terms-- for business, managers, employees and teams. Moreover, I wanted managers to understand what this means specifically for them every day—from barriers that might exist, to being more effective at hiring and managing, to leveraging diversity and to ensuring a work environment that maximizes potential. Managers walk away from this program with an action plan, and tangible, behavioral tactics for being better managers and for really understanding how to tap into diversity for more creativity and innovation. I was very pleased with PRISM’s time spent to customize and help ensure I had exactly what I needed while maintaining the integrity of their well-designed manager training program. They listened to my needs, challenged appropriately and worked very well with me. A pilot program confirmed the effectiveness of the program (100% of the attendees gave it a resounding “yes”) and allowed us to do some minor adjustments with continuous improvement in mind. I highly recommend Leveraging Diversity for Engagement and Innovation™ as a foundational and substantive course for leveraging Diversity, building skills and moving a Diversity strategy forward."

- Omnicom Media Group


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What our clients say...

"With the assistance of PRISM, 129 Leveraging Diversity Training Sessions were conducted last year reaching over 2,500 employees. In addition to U.S.-based sessions, 15 global sessions also were conducted - 8 in Asia/Pacific, 2 in Latin America/Caribbean, and 5 in Europe/Middle East Africa. Thank you PRISM for all your hard work and dedication. We couldn't have done it without you..."

MasterCard International

"Leveraging diversity and inclusion is an important initiative at our Company. In selecting a diversity course, its ability to provide an upbeat, positive, and business-centric experience for our employees was a key factor in our decision. We are very pleased with our decision to work with PRISM!"

HomEq Servicing

"The Leveraging session was the next step for our diversity process. It gave our managers helpful tools that they could take back and use to make things better."

Global Automotive Manufacturer

  • Increases management skills to meet rapidly changing market conditions, reduce turnover, increase productivity, and improve image, reputation and brand
  • Strengthens advocacy competence and confidence for addressing issues
  • Builds trust with all team members
  • Sharpens skills to inform, inspire and initiate conversations to involve all team members in the inclusion process
  • Fosters work team innovation by advancing, refining and implementing creative ideas