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Women in Leadership - Growing Your Career™

This fast-paced, highly-interactive session explores situations women face in today’s workplace while inspiring them to reach higher levels of personal effectiveness, growth and development. Participants identify ways to create partnerships across gender differences as well as ways to support each other as they build and sustain their careers. Specific concrete strategies for continued professional growth and development are provided along with next step action planning.

Your high potential women leaders will:

  • Understand why women as leaders are a business imperative
  • Discuss 3 strategies for success amid challenges and opportunities in today’s workplace
  • Explore 10 things you can do every day to build your career, personal value and leverage your differences
  • Gain techniques for partnering across gender differences and supporting other women in attaining their career goals


Case Study: Verizon Wireless & Developing Women Leaders

Verizon Wireless is committed to developing all employees to inspire them to take their career wherever they want it to go. GIven the current rate of change, it will be 40 years before women enjoy parity with men at the corporate officer level. To support Verizon’s commitment and to help close the representation gap of women in leadership positions, Verizon is proactive in providing high potential women the opportunity to participate in personal and professional developmental activities.

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Session participants had this to say...

"Thank you so much for your was one of the most inspirational presentations I have ever seen."

"What you said is going to change my life."

"I know we were talking about work, but I am going to be a better mother as a result of your speech."

"What you told us is really making me rethink how I show up at work."

"I had no idea - your speech really opened my eyes and gave me words to use to describe what I am challenged with everyday."

"This is the best session I have ever been to."


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"During both our Women's Leadership and Multicultural Leadership Forums, PRISM's senior facilitators brought relevant messages delivered at the right energy level to engage, motivate and educate attendees.  Their subject matter knowledge and flexibility supported our event managers' objectives.  We think the forum attendees left with knowledge and skills they can use to continue to develop their careers with us."

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