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Building Inclusive Teams™

Building Inclusive Teams™ provides all people managers with ways to build an inclusive working environment by providing tools to help foster inclusive behaviors. More specifically, it is a training program designed for managers and supervisors geared to developing and incorporating key leadership diversity and inclusion skills involving interviewing, delegating, communicating, providing feedback, and conducting meetings. This is essential for maximizing the strengths and opportunities of the members of a diverse team thereby achieving positive business results. The Building Inclusive Teams training program creates a comprehensive approach to behavior change for leaders. All program modules are tied to business realities and include concepts, tools and application assignments.

Building Inclusive Teams™ Program Objectives:

  • Gain a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion and why they have merged as critical business issues
  • Understand the leader's role in leveraging diversity and inclusion and the key competencies required for leading a diverse team
  • Recognize the impact of attitudes and behaviors and how they enhance or detract from meeting business objectives
  • Practice the leadership skills an key competencies which support an inclusive workplace


Building Inclusive Teams™ Program Benefits

  • Identifies expected roles and sets knowledge and skills requirements
  • Builds the Business Case for diversity and inclusion
  • Broadens awareness of impact of judgments on achieving business results
  • Identifies behaviors, diagnosis impact and creates strategies for change
  • Creates checklist of specific leadership actions


"Most participants listed this and want to be included in more training; even follow-up training to this course. Some say this was the first time “all Leadership” were together in a training session like this. It brought our team (the leadership) to a different understanding showing us ways to better work together and treating everyone as equals. We have a better understanding of the diversity and inclusion in our workplace and more tools to better lead our departments in a better direction. We learned a lot about each other … things others did not know. It was a lot of fun getting to know co-workers better and having time to interact with them. It was very eye-opening experience. Diversity and Inclusion is much broader than we think. Opened our eyes to what we may or may not be doing. Very enlightening. The course materials were very relevant. We have a better understanding of our unconscious biases; including realizing them and how to handle it. The books, PowerPoint presentation and video were good … easy to follow and just the right amount of information. Some indicated this was the best training class attended at DHLeC. "
- DHL eCommerce

"I have received numerous compliments from our employees that took the training about how much they enjoyed the class. The content was relevant and the pace of the training most appropriate. I do hope that we will have the chance to bring you out to our site again for additional training in the future. Thank you again!"
- Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

"PRISM delivers! By the end of the Building Inclusive Teams session, participants understand what diversity is, why it is a strategic business issue, and gain tools to resolve issues themselves. It's wonderful to observe participants as they learn diversity includes them too! The tools are especially helpful in assisting them in changing their own behavior as well as coaching others. The session materials, the facilitators. the overall quality, experience and professionalism of the entire PRISM team is why we have been a customer for many years."
- Alaska Airlines

"Nuclear Management Company supports and encourages a diverse workplace as an important part of achieving our vision and mission. Training of our managers, supervisors, and team leaders using the skills and knowledge acquired in Leading Diverse Teams (renamed Building Inclusive Teams) training is critical to ensuring that all our people's talents and individual differences are fully recognized and effectively used to achieve that end."
- Nuclear Management Company

"With the assistance of PRISM, 129 Leveraging Diversity Training Sessions (renamed Building Inclusive Teams) were conducted last year reaching over 2,500 employees. In addition to U.S.-based sessions, 15 global sessions also were conducted - 8 in Asia/Pacific, 2 in Latin America/Caribbean, and 5 in Europe/Middle East Africa. Thank you PRISM for all your hard work and dedication. We couldn't have done it without you..."."
- MasterCard International

"Leading Diverse Teams (renamed Building Inclusive Teams) is the kind of professional diversity and inclusion training that is needed by many, but provide by few!"
- Department of the Army, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office

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What our clients say...

"Thank you so much addressing my need for a Train-the-Trainer for Building Inclusive Teams. Kelly and Darrell were excellent and I know that our facilitators are now prepared to deliver the course to our employees having had the experience your team provided. It has been a journey, pilots in several of our sites, to get to this point and I am confident that we are ready to move forward with an enterprise launch. You’ve made it easy from the first pilot on! You have a strong team of facilitators and behind the scenes folks."


"Our managers and supervisors found the course Building Inclusive Teams very thought provoking. The PRISM group customized the materials to reflect our organization's objectives and our culture, and the savvy, experienced facilitators were capable of addressing situations, questions and comments that arose."

Deutsche Financial Services

"I attended the one day PRISM Diversity and Inclusion Training and I wanted to pass along my very positive comments about the course, and particularly the instructor. He totally engaged the group of roughly 20 persons from Operations and Engineering. He did this by being very personable, by having great international business stories of diversity and inclusion, as well as relevant stories from his extended family from Costa Rica. The cohesive five part curriculum also aided in the great learning experience"

Senior Executive, Global Manufacturing Company