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ERG 10 Point Assessment™

ERG 10 Point Assessment LogoProgressive ERGs want to understand their specific strengths and weaknesses in order to increase their effectiveness and organizational impact.

With the ERG 10 Point Assessment, ERGs can assess their performance against a standard of 10 factors in which best practice ERGs are performing well. More specifically, this unique assessment tool provides a comprehensive analysis utilizing 70 indicators of effectiveness within a 10 point framework.

How does it work?
Each ERG completes an evaluation against ten essential ERG success factors. Each factor includes multiple submeasures and tactical indicators. Once a ERG has submitted their assessment, the Association of ERGs & Councils creates a report (in PDF form) which includes an effectiveness score for each of the critical success factors as well as a detailed analysis of strengths, opportunities and recommendations for improvement. ERGs can also benchmark themselves against others and learn specific ways to improve. The results are presented to your members in a LIVE WEBINAR where individuals can interact with and present questions to our experts.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides facts based data which enables to pinpoint what ERGs are doing well and what they need to improve
  • Assess strengths and areas of attention for future focus
  • Set improvement goals and track progress
  • Receive an analyses of your results with specific recommendations for improving your effectiveness score
  • Benchmark results against other ERG's
  • Learn best practices sponsored and presented by ERG's that have scored well in specific areas
  • Use results to gain additional resources to help improve problem areas

ERG consulting services are available to address specific questions, issues and to create improvement plans based upon the ERG 10 Point Assessment.

What's Included?

The ERG 10 Point Assessment includes an in-depth assessment, documented results and specific actions to address challenges, plus a private webinar to review the results. An Action Planning workshop is available to close critical performance gaps for an additional investment.

Diversity Council TrainingAssociation of ERGs & Councils Membership

ERGs and Diversity Councils benefit from additional resources beyond those provided during start-up consultation and kick-off meetings. Members receive continued education through access to educational tools, resources, networking opportunities, webinars and teleconferences.

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  • Comprehensive analysis report features 70 indicators of effectiveness within a 10 point framework
  • Report highlights strengths and development areas
  • Report provides comparison against a standard of best practice ERG's
  • Report allows for benchmarking one ERG against a composite of other ERG's within the organization so areas of strength and opportunities for improvement can be observed
  • Report results may can be debriefed in a 1 hour webinar or in an optional on site session
  • On site report review session features and an action planning component that outlines areas for improvement with specific action items
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