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Selecting, Hiring, & Developing A Diversity Manager

Hiring the right Diversity professional to lead or support the organizational diversity initiative is critical to the success of that initiative and to the reputation of those who hire the candidate. How experienced and confident is the employer, the selection committee or the recruiting firm employed? And what is happening to the diversity initiative during the recruiting and selection process?

Selecting and hiring a Diversity Manager is critical to business, but it's not the business most companies are in. This is where PRISM can assist. We help organizations with:

  • Recruiting and selecting the best candidate
  • Operating your diversity function or providing diversity training and consulting during transition
  • Mentoring/Training/Coaching your selected candidate
  • Jump Starting your diversity initiative with your selected candidate

Because PRISM's core business is diversity training and consulting, we are able to provide the following benefits:

  • We are diversity experts, so we know what a diversity manager should know and we know what a diversity manager should do - we will know the depth and width of their knowledge and skill level
  • We are well networked in the diversity industry, so we:
    • Know the diversity industry
    • Know the companies
    • Know the corporate cultures
    • Know the diversity professionals
    • Know who may be available
    • Can access potential candidates and make inquires
    • Can quickly match the candidates to the employer's needs
    • Can make thorough, non emotional recommendations
    • Can save you money and time
    • Can increase the potential of a stronger match
  • We know training, program development and instructional design, so we will know the depth and width of their training and development knowledge and skill level
  • We know corporate and organizational culture, so we will know how well they will fit into your corporate and organizational culture


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What our clients say...

"Without a doubt, PRISM International is clearly the leader in diversity education not only on the strength of the materials, but also on the strength of it's personnel"

Nuclear Management Company, LLC