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ERG Leadership Academy™

Equip. Empower. Engage.

ERG Leadership AcademyFocused and skilled leadership is the #1 key ingredient for successful ERGs.

ERG leaders bring passion and enthusiasm to their new position, yet they could increase their ERG's impact and effectiveness by expanding their own leadership capabilities. Even if the ERG leader is an experienced manager, motivating, directing and pulling maximum productivity from a volunteer group is very different than managing a group of employees.

Enhancing D&I knowledge and skills while equipping ERG leaders with tools and competencies necessary to build and sustain ERG momentum and success is the goal of this 1 day dynamic, intensive and interactive session.

Specifically, the ERG Leadership Academy will assist ERG leaders in ensuring their teams are focused on activities and goals that lead to the achievement of business and organizational results. Your ERG leaders will leave with a solid foundation for moving forward by applying their newly acquired knowledge, skills and tools to their business situations through Action Planning and Goal Setting to ensure early wins and successes.

The objectives are to:

  • Build leadership capability to enhance ERG effectiveness, teamwork and results
  • Utilize the 5 Success Factors as a leadership and analytical tool for building a vibrant and successful ERG
  • Analyze and identify the ERG's current stage of effectiveness and create plans to reach peak performance

ERG Leadership Academy benefits:

  • Builds leadership skills to ensure ERG vitality and sustain success
  • Identifies and closes critical knowledge and skill gaps of ERG leaders
  • Builds leadership confidence and competence in communicating the ERG process on the business intersections
  • Provides best practices metrics to evaluate and sustain efforts
  • Helps ERGs to develop and implement an Internal and external communications strategy

Diversity Council TrainingAssociation of ERGs & Councils Membership

ERGs and Diversity Councils benefit from additional resources beyond those provided during start-up consultation and kick-off meetings. Members receive continued education through access to educational tools, resources, networking opportunities, webinars and teleconferences.


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  • Utilizes the 5 Success factors as a leadership and analytical tool for building a vibrant and successful ERG
  • Gap analysis tools to discover gaps and develop gap-closing strategies and tactics
  • Access to the ERG 10Point Assessment™ effectiveness assessment tool to track and measure ERG's progress
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