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Cross Cultural Training

Increasing Cultural Competencies

Organizations working across borders, cultures and time zones have become increasingly dependent upon revenues generated from those relationships. Even if your company is not operating outside the boarders of the U.S. your employees are serving patients, customers and guests from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and languages who may have very different customer expectations and they are working side by side with co-workers from around the globe.

Managers and employees must be aware and possess the skills to successfully implement a proactive process for working respectfully and productively. This is a required core competency and skill set for leaders and individual contributors.

In many organizations, virtual teams comprised of members from around the world create an even more urgent need for cross-cultural understanding and conflict resolution skills. Working effectively across cultures requires an understanding of each individual’s cultural filters and communication styles and the skill and dexterity to adjust and modify behaviors to create positive outcomes and meet business goals.

Additionally, PRISM provides “Next Step” customer service training by building upon existing training to include knowledge and skills for serving customers across cultures and languages.

Cross Cultural Training Options:


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What our clients say...

"PRISM's Cultural training was informative, well prepared and inspirational. Their preparation contributed a great deal to the program's overall success and they should be commended for their excellent customer focus and follow through."

Harris Corporation, Transcomm Division

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