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The PRISM Process - A Comprehensive Approach to Diversity & InclusionWhere is the organization now?

The assessment component of the PRISM Process™ provides understanding of the current business situation by taking an "organizational snapshot".

Needs Assessment provides information from a qualitative and quantitative perspective that identifies real issues for future focus and provides a benchmark for tracking the improvement in the issues that have been identified.

Assessment involves paper and pencil surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews and can culminate in an exhaustive report that can be provided by office, state, or region that encompasses the chosen demographic slices.

PRISM works with organizations by gathering and presenting the information, with analysis and recommended courses of action to senior groups. We also assist in building a communication plan for sharing the results with shareholders and stakeholders.

Assessment Objectives:

  • Organizational understanding of current status of thoughts and feelings regarding diversity related issues
  • Build awareness, energy and commitment for change
  • Focus and prioritize change interventions and training programs
  • Provide a basis for Action Planning
  • Establish a means of monitoring progress

PRISM Assessment Solutions:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Executive Interviews

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The PRISM Process
What our clients say...

"PRISM Diversity Assessment is a critical component of our Diversity Strategic Plan that will enable us to integrate diversity values with business objectives and into our corporate culture, as well as establish accountabilities for the success of the plan."

We Energies

"PRISM International's Florida Hospital Diversity Assessment is probably the most comprehensive study of hospital culture in the 100 year history of the organization. The findings have important implications."

Florida Hospital