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Cross Cultural Consulting

Organizations are working across borders and time zones with greater frequency and have become increasingly dependent upon revenues generated from those relationships. Increasing cross cultural effectiveness has become a critical strategy.

Managers and employees alike must be aware and possess the skills to successfully implement a proactive process for working respectfully and productively. This is as critical as any manager or team member required core competency or skill set. The creation of and dependency on virtual teams across one or many cultures creates an even more urgent need for cross-cultural understanding and conflict resolution skills.
Working effectively across cross cultures requires understanding of each individuals’ cultural filters and communication styles and how that positively or negatively impacts individuals and organizations of other cultures.    

That’s what our cross cultural consulting is all about – tailored awareness and skills training to help increase cross cultural and global competencies.

Cross Cultural Consulting Options:


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What our clients say...

"Super job! Lots of continuing discussion at dinner... "not what I expected"..."case studies right on target"..."I can't stop thinking about George" [case study] ...and reliving emotions from the tournament. Terrific work. Thanks!!"


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