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Talent Management Consulting

Successful organizations identify key talent and help develop skills through programs designed to enhance educational or natural talent.


Successful employees are most often built through experience. Exposure to positive methods of employee motivation, crisis management and production methodologies can help new employees build the mindset of a good manager. Successful companies identify key talent within their ranks and help develop management skills through formal and informal programs designed to enhance educational or natural talent.

PRISM can assist you in identifying and tracking talent by providing:

  • Succession planning process which globally enables you to identify, track and develop your talent pool.
  • High potential and high performance planning system that enables you to improve your human capital.
  • Program to improve employee engagement and motivation of your talent.

Our talent management consulting philosophy

PRISM's talent management consultants link their approaches directly to the organization's strategic goals. We customize a talent management solution that connects to every level of the organization.

Transformational leaders can have a positive impact resulting in higher levels of engagement, innovation and productivity or they can have an opposite effect by creating "root canalled employees". PRISM's President & CEO Linda Stokes elaborates in the video below:

Diversity Root Canal by Linda Stokes, President & CEO of PRISM.


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What our clients say...

"During both our Women's Leadership and Multicultural Leadership Forums, PRISM's senior facilitators brought relevant messages delivered at the right energy level to engage, motivate and educate attendees. Their subject matter knowledge and flexibility supported our event managers' objectives. We think the forum attendees left with knowledge and skills they can use to continue to develop their careers with us."

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"PRISM's Inclusive Recruiting and Selection™ program, was the best training I have ever had in my three years at OTS. I learned more about myself and some of the decision I make on an unconscious level. It helped me with my social skills and being flexible."

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