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Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Maps™

PRISM's All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™ and Charting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Map™ assist employees in finding personal, team and organizational connections and benefits to diversity and inclusion. These maps provide an exciting, and impactful way to engage employees in a process for examining personal attitudes, behaviors and reactions when working side by side with a diverse team of coworkers and customers. It ensures that your diversity message is completely, consistently and accurately communicated through an interactive, cost effective and accelerated learning process that leads to changes in thinking and behaviors.

Knowledge Map Program Benefits

  • Builds your compelling business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Promotes a consistent understanding of your organization's diversity strategies and tactics
  • Addresses how diversity and inclusion impacts the success of individuals, teams, organizations and customers
  • Clarifies team and individual perspectives about diversity and inclusion
  • Addresses opportunities of and barriers to fully leveraging diversity
  • Promotes inclusive behaviors that connect to everyday jobs and situations
  • Builds a commitment to personal change
  • Complete "meeting-in-a-box" format
  • Energizing, inclusive, fun activities
  • Train the Meeting Leader process to prepare leaders with the "What" and "How" of leading the diversity conversations.

Click Here to learn more about the Inclusion Knowledge MapAll Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map

PRISM's All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™ answers the question...
"What does diversity and inclusion have to do with me?" It also assists all employees in making personal, team and organization connections to diversity and helps them identify personal benefits for working respectfully and productively with all coworkers and customers.

»Explore the "All Hands on Deck" Knowledge Map

Click Here to learn more about the Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge MapCharting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Map

PRISM's Charting Your Course Diversity & Inclusion Knowledge Map™is a combination of the All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™ and more! This Map can be positioned from one of three ways:

  1. From an organizational/business perspective
  2. From a team or individual perspective
  3. Both 1 and 2

»Explore the"Charting Your Course" Knowledge Map


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Knowledge Maps are created in collaboration with Applied Learning Labs.

What our clients say...

"The PRISM Diversity Knowledge Map product is excellent and I would highly recommend it. It received a 90 to 95 percent favorable response rating. Rarely do you consistently see response ratings this high among all work groups."


"PRISM's Diversity Knowledge Maps bring in everyday situations and show how they impact us. They are a more creative way of learning - of getting people to understand what diversity is all about. The maps are great tools."

Siemens Corporation

"PRISM's Diversity Knowledge Maps are the best interactive tool I have seen for building the business case for diversity consistently across an organization."

WellPoint Blue Cross Blue Shield

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