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Diversity and Inclusion Means YOU!™

Diversity and Inclusion Means YOU! is a diversity and inclusion training program for non-managerial employees designed to provide additional knowledge and skills for working effectively with all team members and customers in a diverse workplace and marketplace.

Diversity and Inclusion Means YOU! Program Objectives

  • gain a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion and why they are critical business priorities
  • understand the role of each individual team member in creating a productive, respectful workplace
  • recognize the impact of attitudes and behaviors on team members and customers
  • enhance the skills for effective interactions with all team members and customers


Diversity and Inclusion Means YOU! Program Benefits

  • Identifies expected roles and sets knowledge and skill requirements
  • Builds the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Broadens awareness of impact of judgments on team and individual success
  • Identifies behaviors, diagnoses impact and creates personal responsibilities for initiating change
  • Sets goals and development schedule for gaining knowledge and skills needed for success


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What our clients say...

"Diversity and Inclusion Means YOU! provided exciting, thought provoking content and tools that were immediately transferable to the job"

Universal Studios Florida

""PRISM provides maximum learning delivery flexibility."

Nuclear Management Corporation

"You played such a big role to help Conectiv make great advances!"


"In leveraging our workplace, workforce and marketplace diversity, we needed a partner who, like us, is client-focused and offered a broad range of leading capabilities. That's why we teamed with PRISM."

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