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Four New ERG Resources Designed to Increase Organizational Impact and Effectiveness

PRISM Press Release, September 25, 2013

For Additional Information Contact: Ty Fitzgerald by emailing or calling 888.997.7476.

SANFORD, Florida (September 25, 2013) -- Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are vital links for improving organizational results. In order to be more effective in their organizations, ERGs must develop a higher level of capability. They need tools and skills to be more impactful.

The Association of ERGs & Councils, a practice group of diversity and inclusion consulting and training firm PRISM International, Inc., announces its new ERG Life Cycle Development Series™. This Series consists of four distinct training resources that addresses every conceivable need of ERG's seeking to develop to higher levels of capability.

Philip Berry, Executive Director of the Association said, "This new ERG Life Cycle Development Series™ provides four new resources containing tools and skills to help ERGs increase their impact and effectiveness as a strategic partner for change." Mr. Berry’s interview can be viewed at the Association of ERGs & Councils.

The new ERG Life Cycle Development Series™ consist of the following four resources:

  • ERG ReFocus- One day workshop that refocuses and realigns the ERG’s mission, initiatives and activities for increased levels of effectiveness, performance and contribution for impacting organizational/business results.
  • ERG Innovation Lab- One day innovation workshop focuses on utilizing 6 specific innovation techniques to solve real life organizational/ business problems.
  • ERG Leadership Academy- One day leadership workshop enhances D&I knowledge and skills and equips ERG leaders with tools and competencies to build and sustain ERG momentum and success.
  • ERG 10 Point Assessment– Assessment tool that matches ERG performance against a standard of 10 factors and 70 indicators of effectiveness and provides a comprehensive analysis report.

For more information about the new ERG Life Cycle Development Series™, contact PRISM.

About PRISM International, Inc.
PRISM International, Inc., is a WBENC-certified, full-service provider of innovative, proven diversity and inclusion, talent management and cultural competency consulting services, training programs and resources and the parent organization of the Association of ERGs & Councils.

About the Association of ERGs & Councils
The Association of ERGs & Councils is the premier resource for diversity and inclusion professionals dedicated to increasing the impact, effectiveness and recognition of ERGs and Diversity Councils as an essential partner in developing and implementing a strategic focus within organizations. Since 2005, the Association has provided hundreds of ERGs and Diversity Councils with resources and tools to assist them in starting up, staying motivated and reaching higher levels of effectiveness and performance.



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