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All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™

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PRISM's All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™ is a fresh, new, energizing and interactive way to engage employees in connecting diversity and inclusion to the situations they face and the jobs they do every day.

PRISM's All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™ answers the question... "What does diversity and inclusion have to do with me?" It also assists all employees in making personal, team and organization connections to diversity and helps them identify personal benefits for working respectfully and productively with all coworkers and customers.

  • How is it positioned?  From a team and individual perspective.
  • How it is used?  As a way for organizations to engage members in a thoughtful process that has them examine their personal attitudes, behaviors and actions in interacting with coworkers and customers.
  • What is it about?  It engages people at a personal level. It answers the question "diversity/inclusion - what's in it for me?" This Knowledge Map engages people at a more emotional level.
  • What are the benefits?  Builds understanding and commitment to personal change as reflected in behavior and interactions.

How the All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™ Works:

A colorful, 3' x 6' visual draws employees into a 90-minute experience that engages them in discussions and exercises to build their understanding and commitment to diversity and inclusion. A Discussion Coach, the materials and the participants themselves guide the learning. The understanding that employees' gain will be shared and retained long after the session has ended...because they are so involved! That is why employees reach higher levels of understanding the impact of diversity and inclusion in a shorter period of time. And why they commit to changing their behaviors and interactions with team members and customers. The All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map'sTM easy-to-use "meeting-in-a-box" format, along with PRISM's unique Train the Coach process prepares discussion leaders with the "What" and "How" needed to lead each Inclusion Knowledge Map session.

Employees who experience the All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™:

  • Understand diversity and inclusion from an individual and team perspective
  • Know how inclusion impacts individual job satisfaction and team performance
  • Connect diversity and inclusion to every day job situations
  • Gain a commitment to improving relationships with customers and team members

PRISM's All Hands on Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™ is a cost effective and easy way to provide quality, accelerated diversity and inclusion learning to your employees.


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Knowledge Maps are created in collaboration with Applied Learning Labs.

What our clients say...

"PRISM's All Hands On Deck Inclusion Knowledge Map™ bring in everyday situations and show how they impact us. They are a more creative way of learning - of getting people to understand what diversity is all about. The maps are great tools."

Siemens Corporation

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